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Does any one want to buy any handmade crafts? Looking to make some extra money. I do scrapbook layouts, full scrapbook, mini albums, Origami Figures (look on my craft page) Cards, Picture frames, chalkboards (and just about any board), wall decals (for boy or girl) Homecomming mums, hair bows, hair bands, and im always up for a new challenge. Message me if interested! Or like and ill get back to you!imagethis is something i just finished. Its a halloween chalkboard i made for my mom the gray area is the chalkboard (made with homemade chalk and chalkboard paint) i can do chalk boards in any color.

And the dreams come back, no matter how hard i try to push them aside and erase the memories…all i can think is what if..why not…why can’t i erase the memories i try so hard to consume in flames..why can’t i forget you..

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